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My name is Scarlett, and my involvement in the TG community started in 2007 when a very close friend came out to me about crossdressing.   I attended several gender conferences and got to know many people in the community.  I realized with time that I had a knack not only for makeup, but for helping my new friends find and express their inner femininity.  I enjoyed bringing out what made each person exceptional so much, I began doing transformation makeup, femme coaching, and image consulting professionally in 2009. 

My goal is to provide a safe, comfortable place - a sanctuary - for you to relax and be yourself.  I will help you express your full feminine personality and unique style through my makeup and coaching skills.  Ultimately, I hope to leave each person I meet with confidence in her presentation, and in herself as an individual.

Whether you want to be the girl next door or the ultimate glamour girl, I have the expertise to highlight feminine features and minimize masculine ones.  You can be certain of a professional, confidential, and friendly atmosphere during your appointment from beginning to end.

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