Behind the scenes....

I've definitely been a bit of a slacker this summer.....or so it would appear.

It would appear correctly.

But not a total slacker.  Though coming a bit later than usual, the Maine Event information is all set up and I'm ready for registrations!  Just head over HERE to get all the information and download the registration form!

I'm also pleased to announce another Triangles Reunion on September 22nd at the Portuguese Cultural Center in Danbury.  Looks like Heather and I are going to try to do this twice a year, folks!

I've also been busy planning Ghoul's Night Out.  Official contract hasn't been signed yet, but details are coming soon, I promise.  We'll be trying out a different venue this year.  Though the Manor was a beautiful venue, there were some drawbacks (like a lack of close hotels).  Hopefully this year's spot works out a little more conveniently for everyone.

I'm very pleased to announce I am going to continue a long-running weekend event in Rehoboth Delaware.  Formerly called Beauty at the Beach, the new working name is Fantasea Escape.  Again, the official contract hasn't been signed, so I have no details to share, except that I am aiming to keep it around the first weekend of November (when it's traditionally been held), so barring something unavoidable getting in the way, mark your calendars for November 1-5th.

I'll have many updates over the next couple weeks, so check back frequently!