Mohegan Sun

When I say that casinos are incredibly safe places to go while dressed, people are generally surprised.  But really think about it.  The staff and security has seen just about everything, so they don't care what you're wearing.  People usually have a specific reason for being in a casino, which does not generally include a trans witch-hunt.  Ultimately casinos are based around people being focused on gambling and having a good time, and anyone that interrupts happy, money-spending customers is thrown out.  End result: if some idiot approaches you at a casino to try ruining your night, and security sees it (and of course they see everything), then said idiot gets removed before you can even think of a retort!   

With all this in mind, a group of us went down to Mohegan Sun for the evening after the Open House last week.  We had some dinner, explored the shops, and of course, did a little gambling.  We also took many pictures with Mohegan Sun as our ornate backdrop.

L to R: Kathy, Katie, Scarlett, Jayne, Cindy, Dea, Chrissie

L to R: Kathy, Katie, Scarlett, Jayne, Cindy, Dea, Chrissie

Totally reasonable reaction for doubling our money....turning $3 into $6!  Yippee!

Totally reasonable reaction for doubling our money....turning $3 into $6!  Yippee!

None of us won it big in money, but we all deposited a great night into our memory banks!

Synchronized Gambling

Synchronized Gambling







Ice cream and coffee break!

Ice cream and coffee break!

Queen Krispy Kreme

Queen Krispy Kreme

Overall a fantastic night with great people!  I hope to do more excursions after Open House days, so if you have suggestions please send them my way!

A round of drinks to end the evening

A round of drinks to end the evening

Some bad news, then some good news

First, the bad news: I will be raising my prices.

Good news: You have the opportunity to keep my current pricing for an extra NINE months!

I've been doing makeup professionally in the trans community for almost five years now, and always at a very low, reasonable price.  Unfortunately, it's just not sustainable for me to keep the same pricing forever.  As of April 1st, I will be increasing the cost of makeovers and my hourly services (coaching, photo, and instructional sessions).

The good news is that if you pay for any of these services before I change the pricing, I will honor it until the end of 2014.  After that point, I will still accept the face value, but ask that you pay the difference as well.

The pricing will change on April 1st, so don't hesitate on taking advantage of my current pricing!

First Event Recap

This year was one of the nicest, but quietest First Events I remember.  I say quiet because it seemed that more people ventured out of the hotel this year than in past years.  Maybe it was the planned offsite activities (to my knowledge, a new addition to the 2014 programming),  maybe it was the lack of snow this year, maybe there were so many seasoned veterans that no one was afraid to explore outside of the hotel.  Probably a combination of these factors.

Katy and I stayed busy during the day, and I have to thank everyone who helped make Katy's first time at a gender conference a positive experience.  She had a great time making new friends, and looks forward to attending future events!  And I of course had a great time seeing everyone as well.  I always say First Event is my favorite conference, and so it stays!

First Event

First Event is coming up in a little over two weeks.  For those of you who have attended before, you know that this is a huge conference with well over 500 people attending most years.  I've looked at the schedule of speakers, and it does seem to be a very balanced mix of topics.  There are, of course, the doctors talking about hormone and surgery options (of which there are many!).  There are presentation about how to present more passably.  Information sessions on the technical issues of transition, such as legal issues from name changes to employment, can be incredibly helpful for those navigating those confusing waters.  There truly is something for everyone.  

I've also noticed there is a newcomer's session and social lounge this year.  I don't recall those at past First Events, and that very well could be just me not remembering, but at other conferences it's always worked out to the advantage of attendees to have a social lounge to relax and meet up with friends.  

My schedule for First Event is half full at this time, but I always book up completely during the course of First Event.  I am offering discounted makeovers to Fashion Show participants, and free touch-ups just before the Fashion Show begins.  I am also bringing reinforcements with me this year, and my young friend Katy will be both helping provide makeovers to people and offering half-hour photo sessions.  If you are interested in a makeover and/or photo session, just click the button below to email me!

And on a final note, I have an open house coming up this Wednesday, 1/8, and will be at Triangles this Saturday, 1/11.  Hope to see some of you at one of these events!


I need to start 2014 off with a sincere thanks to all of you.  I have been working to build a business that fairly provides the services that are being sought in the TG community, and I am so grateful to have so much support from all of you to make that possible.  My friends and family have been a wealth of encouragement during trying periods, but it is really the support of the TG community that allows me to say that I am a full-time makeup artist and image consultant.  As of the end of 2013, this business has proven itself to be my full-time vocation.  

Thank you so much.

I get so much joy and satisfaction from meeting new people and helping each one of them find the confidence they need to go into the world as their authentic self.  I've made so many genuine friendships since I started attending events seven years ago.  I know it's a rare thing for someone to have work they love and people they love working with, and I am fortunate to say I have both.

I hope each of you has had a fun, relaxing holiday season and have welcomed 2014 with some good cheer.  I have posted the 2014 events I plan on organizing or providing makeovers at, and will update it as needed throughout the year.  I look forward to making new friends and catching up with old ones at many of these events.  

Raven Review

Raven was a blast.  There was such a great turnout both nights - easily 30-40 girls on Friday night and probably triple that on Saturday.  And I have to hand it to the Raven: they have a stellar AC system.  Fr how many people were in the building, even the dance floor was chilly to me.  I actually stepped outside a couple times to warm up a bit.  The music selection was excellent too, in my opinion, and the dance floor was pretty crowded most of Saturday night.

My only complaint for the weekend is that the red carpet photo op wrapped up too early.  I know more than one girl who raced down to try and get a pic, only to find the Cub Room empty ten minutes earlier than stated.  Having the photos wrap up at 7:30 seems early to me anyways; that's right when most people are getting ready for the night, and I'd imagine most people would want a pic with a fresh face and evening attire on, as opposed to rushing after a full day shopping in New Hope.  I have no idea the logistics behind the scenes, so take it with a grain of salt, but if the photo op is supposed to go until 7:30, I think the red carpet and backdrop should still be out at 7:20.  Don't get me wrong, though; this one thing is not going to keep me from going back to future events.  

After such a full weekend, I decided to stay in this past weekend instead of going to Triangles for 80's night.  I hope everyone had fun though!  

Looking ahead, I have a bonus Open House next Wednesday, 8/28, followed closely by Southern Comfort.  If you would like an appointment at Southern Comfort, just let me know.  I may go down with plenty of times open, but they tend to fill up quickly once I'm at the conference.  


Upcoming events

August looks much busier than it has in past years for me, in part because I'm hosting two open houses instead of just one (I added one on August 28th - mark your calendars!).  Also in part because I'm heading to New Hope, PA this weekend for the Raven weekend!  Back in January I drove down for the Friday night, not realizing that Saturday is really the big event, but I was still impressed with the club itself being nicer than the typical t-friendly gay bar.  Nicer in the sense that, for one, it was very clean.  The decor is a little dated, but very well-kept and the overall feel is that it's a classier kind of bar.  The dance floor is wide open and has great lighting effects, rather than crammed in the back like an afterthought, as it is with so many small clubs in Boston and Providence.  It's also set a little apart from the actual bar, which I count as a plus.  

Next weekend is Triangles with a Back to the 80's theme.  Last year I really went all out in 80's style clothing, but this summer has been so muggy I haven't been up to following the themes.  Plus I'm really excited to actually be around for Back-to-School in September, so I may just put my energy into that outfit. 

Speaking of September, Southern Comfort is less than four weeks away!  I can't believe how time has flown.  At this time I have plenty of appointments still available, but they do fill up quickly as the month goes on, so if you're interested in a makeover while in Atlanta, make sure to contact me quickly.  Remember, I post all the events I'm attending or hosting as soon as I know about them, and it's never too early to book an appointment with me for these events.

Open House

It's that time again, for another Open House at my studio!  It's nice to get to know a few girls really well, but I'd love to see this grow into a great time to really mingle and meet new people.  So consider this your personal invite, even if you've never been out before, to come check out my studio, hang out in femme or in drab, and contribute to making this a fun experience for everyone.

I also set up a Meetup account, so you can keep track of events I'm planning right there. You can RSVP on Meetup, or of course via email, phone call, text, or using the contact me page.

My weekend plans

Unfortunately I can't make it to the Triangles party this weekend, because I'll be doing something a bit more local....the NELA Fetish Fair Fleamarket in Providence, RI.  I've been there in the past to sell corsets, but this year I'm going with just my spouse to enjoy the friendly atmosphere.  It's TG-friendly, and is welcoming to many ways of dressing....but there is a dress code you should read (basically, please cover your bikini area, including butt cheeks, no matter how cute they may be).  That still leaves a lot of room for wearing your favorite lingerie, maid's outfit, sissy dress, or any fetish wear you're not sure when else to wear.  Hands down I always find the FFF to be the most respectful, well-organized event I've been to, especially considering the size of it.

I want to point out I've been adding more resources to the Links page of my site.  I get asked constantly where to shop, who will have big enough sizes, flattering styles, high heeled shoes above size 10, and that's where you should check out some options.  I've been to all of these sites, and have either purchased something there or know someone who has.  If you have other recommendations or if you have a negative experience with one of the retailers listed, please let me know.  Positive recommendations may get added, negative feedback may get a place removed.  Some of these links give me a very small percentage of sales made back, and help keep my business going.   My interest is always first and foremost to help people find what they need to have great experiences, though, so your feedback is important to me.

As a reminder, I have an open house scheduled for February 27th.  If you're interested in coming, please let me know so I have an accurate head count in advance!

Open House Schedule

A couple weeks ago I added the dates for 2013 open houses on the calendar/event page.  I think it might be helpful to have them posted here as well:

February 27
March 28
April 11
May 8
June 12
July 11
August 7
September 25
October 10
November 5

If you want to attend one, contact me to RSVP and then just come enjoy yourself.  There's space to change and do your own makeup, or I am available for makeovers as well.  I provide some refreshments.  Really the point is to have a safe, relaxed place to meet new people.

Those of you who have been to my studio know that my driveway isn't exactly snow-friendly.  If there is snow on the ground, call me to see if the open house is still being held.  

You may also notice all these open houses are on weekdays.  I do this intentionally for those who have an easier time taking a day off from work than they do taking an evening off from family.  Generally I expect to be open from 10am until 5pm on open house dates, though I am flexible depending on how many want to stay a little later.  

This is a great opportunity for everyone to expand their social circle and make new friends in the T-community.  Any questions you know what to do!