The following are some Frequently Asked Questions I'd like to answer for everyone.  I will probably add to them as necessary.  If you don't see an answer to what you're looking for here, ask me personally!

Q:  Do I need to put down a deposit to confirm my appointment?
A:  Not usually, though I reserve the right to change this in the future.  I may ask for a deposit if you are booking a large block of my time (for example multiple days, a private party, or an overnight stay).  If this is a problem, just talk to me about it.  I am very understanding about everyone having unique circumstances, and will work with you.

Q:  What's up with the Open Houses?
A:  When I started working out of my home, there were a number of requests from clients saying they would love to meet other people, but didn't want to go to the club/bar scene, and didn't feel safe meeting online friends on their own.  Other people complained they could get away with a vacation day from work a lot easier than they could take time from over-scheduled weekends, but there was nothing to do during the day.  So as soon as I was able, I started hosting an Open House every month.  It's an opportunity to meet others in the TG community in a safe, private environment.  

The important things to note: 
1.  It is free, unless you want a makeover
2.  Getting a makeover is not a requirement to attend.  The first makeover of the day is scheduled, and all others are first-come, first-serve
3.  You can change into femme when you arrive, and change back to male clothes before you leave, but you don't have to .  Come and relax however you feel most comfortable, but remember...
4.  ...NO NUDITY!  This is NOT a sex party.
5.  I will have coffee, tea, soft drinks, water, and snacks of some kind.  

Q:  Will you dominate me?
A:  No.  I'm simply not the person you need if you're looking for a D/s experience.  This is non-negotiable.

Q:  I don't want to drive to Thompson, CT.  Will you come to my hotel/house in Boston/Providence/etc?
A:  Yes I will!  To travel, I charge $35/hour, in addition to the fee for whatever services you're requesting of me.  Sound like a lot?  Please consider that I have to pack up all my supplies (twice), that I currently share a vehicle with my spouse, and there is usually a parking expense involved.  

Q:  I'm going to [place] for the weekend and want you there to do my makeup.  It's a great opportunity because I know there is a lot of other potential business for you there!
A:  I would love to travel with you, but I simply can't afford every trip that's suggested to me.  If you really want me to travel overnight with you, however, I'm happy to do it if I'm available.  You will take care of my expenses and guarantee a minimum of two makeovers per day.  These two makeovers can both be for you (a makeover in the morning, then a fresh makeover for the evening) or you can find someone else to pay for the second one.  I will also most likely decline your invitation if I feel that the trip will be uncomfortable or dangerous for me personally.  

Q:  Will you come do makeovers or a demonstration for my private party?
A:  Probably.  Talk to me about the size of the group, how many people would like makeovers, how much time you would like me to be available, etc.