First Event

First Event is coming up in a little over two weeks.  For those of you who have attended before, you know that this is a huge conference with well over 500 people attending most years.  I've looked at the schedule of speakers, and it does seem to be a very balanced mix of topics.  There are, of course, the doctors talking about hormone and surgery options (of which there are many!).  There are presentation about how to present more passably.  Information sessions on the technical issues of transition, such as legal issues from name changes to employment, can be incredibly helpful for those navigating those confusing waters.  There truly is something for everyone.  

I've also noticed there is a newcomer's session and social lounge this year.  I don't recall those at past First Events, and that very well could be just me not remembering, but at other conferences it's always worked out to the advantage of attendees to have a social lounge to relax and meet up with friends.  

My schedule for First Event is half full at this time, but I always book up completely during the course of First Event.  I am offering discounted makeovers to Fashion Show participants, and free touch-ups just before the Fashion Show begins.  I am also bringing reinforcements with me this year, and my young friend Katy will be both helping provide makeovers to people and offering half-hour photo sessions.  If you are interested in a makeover and/or photo session, just click the button below to email me!

And on a final note, I have an open house coming up this Wednesday, 1/8, and will be at Triangles this Saturday, 1/11.  Hope to see some of you at one of these events!