What I've been up to

The last couple months I've been running almost non-stop, and for that I am very thankful.  So here's a quick recap to bring you up to date.  I may be adding some pictures later on.

September is the month of SCC.  This year was much the same as other years, except for one teensy announcement; SCC will spend it's 25th anniversary in the greater Fort Lauderdale area instead of in Atlanta.  The move is brought on by many factors, but regardless of the pros and cons for both the organizers and the participants, everyone can agree it will be an interesting change of pace.  I haven't been to Florida since I was a kid, and never to Fort Lauderdale, so I am personally looking forward to the change.  Time will tell whether it is a good move for the conference overall or not.

October was, of course, filled with Halloween everything.  Two parties back to back were well over-booked for me (again, thank you everyone!), so I had the opportunity to introduce two new assistants to this wonderful community.  I look forward to bringing one or both of them with me to First Event and other parties in the future.

Of course, I've maintained my Open House dates.  September's open house was followed by a trip to Foxwoods, October's we stayed in, and November's was followed by a large group of us heading to a local restaurant.  November 6th was the last scheduled open house, but I've had calls to have a holiday open house in December.  I am still thinking on dates, but I will announce soon if I do pick a date.  How would everyone feel about a tree-trimming party followed by dinner out?

Next week I'll be heading to the Lake Erie Gala for the 6th year running.  I love heading out to Erie because there's enough people attending for it to be interesting and for the event to always be a little different year to year, but it's also small enough to feel very intimate.  I always have such a great time at Erie, and I've made some wonderful friends over the years. 

My biggest project I've continued working on is making arrangements for my Maine Event.  We have a group rate at the Meadowmere Resort for September 9-13, 2015!  More info to follow as it becomes available, but I'm so excited to have a definite date!  Feedback and suggestions as I look at activities for the group are definitely welcome.