First Event

I will be at First Event this year.  2012 will be my fifth First Event, though admittedly my first time I only stayed a few hours.  I'll be doing makeup in the vendor room again this year with Glamour Boutique.  I've already had many requests for makeovers and time slots are filling up fast, so me know if you're interested in taking one of my remaining time slots.

FE 2012 promises to bring some some fun new bits to evening entertainment.  Thursday night will be a musical revue by John Warrener.  John's show will also include showgirls, audience participation, and a few good laughs. 

Friday night is the annual Fashion Show, with a little something new this year.  Where in years past the models have been mostly MtF, this year there are a number of FtM's to not only model, but also escort down the runway.  Models can still sign up until Friday Jan. 6th by emailing Andrea at  You can wear clothes out of your own collection, or visit one of the participating retailers to borrow clothes for the show (Glamour Boutique, Florence's Fashions, or Buffalo Exchange).  The three segments this year are International, Dressy/Formal, and Anything Goes.

I know the least about Saturday night's entertainment, aside from it being a group called All the King's Men.  From the clips online I've seen, the group seems very good.  After each night's entertainment has concluded, there will be a DJ and dance floor in the lounge.  There is a 'cover charge' of $10 for anyone not registered with the conference, but it is well worth it.  Last year, everyone had a blast dancing and it was the perfect way to unwind a little after a very full day.