First Event Recap

What can I say about First Event that hasn't been said before?  I had an amazing time and got to meet so many new people, as well as reconnecting with some I haven't seen since FE 2011.  And of course there were many friends I see regularly attending as well.  The three vending days were very tiring, but I'm also so honored that so many people put their faces in my hands.  I also appreciate all the patience and flexibility granted to me to help out as many people as possible this weekend.

Thursday night, John's show came off fantastic.  A true dinner-theatre feel to the whole show, and I had a lot of fun with our duet and helping out the showgirls backstage.  The showgirls, by the way, did an outstanding job for the limited amount of practice time they had. 

Friday's fashion show went pretty smoothly.  The quick pace kept the girls hopping from one outfit to the next and the show was over before we knew it.  I worked on makeup right up to the start of the show, then switched gears immediately to 'stage mom' and helped with shoes, zippers, accessories, and wigs.  Straight afterwards, everyone headed to the bar to unwind first, then dance the rest of the night away. 

Saturday night was the big banquet with keynote speaker and "All the King's Men".  I did not attend, but heard the food was great and the overall banquet was a good time.  After packing up all my makeup, I had a couple of surprise people drop by looking for makeup, so did not get down to the bar until 9:30 or so.  Dancing commenced, and when the music finally stopped everyone was bummed at the mark of the end of the weekend. 

I would love to post pics of the weekend, so if anyone has nice ones of us together and wouldn't mind me posting them, please email them my way!