Indian Meadows Country Club

Forgive me my long absence; a certain big event in my personal life (a wedding!) has kept me busier than I'd prefer.  But now with the wedding successfully pulled together and married life settled down, I'm back and promise more frequent updates.

Tomorrow I'll be in Westborough when the Indian Meadows Country Club turns into a dance club!  It's promising to be a great time.  I will be on-site starting at 6pm to do makeovers in a special room set aside for anyone wishing to transform at the event.  Appointments are also available earlier in the day at Glamour Boutique for anyone who would prefer showing up to the party already looking their best.

I have personally seen the venue and met most of the people running the event and can say with complete sincerity that everyone will feel welcome and comfortable.  The facility is great, the people friendly, and the location discreet.  If you want any additional information, please contact me.