Lake Erie Gala

I arrived in Erie, PA last night to attend the lovely Lake Erie Gala.  It's a much smaller group than SCC or First Event; there's about 120 girls that come from mainly the Great Lakes region and Canada, but there are a few other New Englanders.  This event is unique in that there aren't any seminars and few discussions set up.  The main idea is to get girls, especially newbies, out in public to do fun stuff on the town.  There's vineyard tours, chocolate factory visits, museums, and historical sites to visit.  Since the girls spend much of the day during the week out on the town, it's pretty quiet in the vendor room.  Tomorrow, however, is Saturday, the day of the big Glitter Ball.  There is no organized trip out into Erie, so most of the girls will be in the hotel gabbing and hanging out, recovering from a very busy week.  I'm looking forward to getting to know more girls tomorrow.  Full review coming after I recover next week.