With fall in the air, I'm sad to know another summer has slipped by with not nearly enough hours spent on the beach.  However, it also means there are some exciting events coming up soon!  In just over two weeks, I'll be in Atlanta for my third Southern Comfort Conference.  SCC is a wonderful event, drawing over 900 transpeople and supporters, and I'm so glad to make it down there again. 

At SCC, I'll be available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in the vending area.  This year I'm not only offering makeovers, but also a Princess Package which includes makeover, stick-on nails, and a gift bag including your lipcolor for touch-ups.  I've already started booking for the event, so please email or call to reserve a time with me!

The week after SCC, on September 28, I'll be holding another open house in my studio.  At the August 1st open house, about eight people came to enjoy good conversation, picture-taking, and snacks.  Based on the fun everyone had, I'm aiming to arrange an open house every month for people to come hang out in a safe, relaxed atmosphere. 

Some things to know about the open house.  It is basically a daytime event, running 10am-8pm, though you can come and go as you want or need to.  There is no "cover charge" to attend, and though I'm available for makeovers on the day, scheduling an appointment is not a prerequisite to coming.  There are light refreshments throughout the day, and private areas to change here if you'd like.  All that I ask is an RSVP so I can be prepared for seating and refreshments.

Lots of events coming up in October and November as well, but more on those later.  For now, enjoy the long weekend!