Successful Halloween

Sounds like everyone I talked to had a lot of fun this past weekend!  Unfortunately, my Halloween weekend was cut a little short with a slippery snowstorm.  I do not approve of snow before November...but Mother Nature didn't ask me. 

On the up side, the Glamour Boutique Halloween party was a ton of fun on Friday.  I had a great time getting dolled up, as did about 70 other people.  The Indian Meadow Country Club did not disappoint, the treats were yummy (yes, I'm biased), and it was just an overall perfect way to spend a Friday night.  Even though I can't remember the names of the winners, congratulations to the winners of the Sexiest Legs, Sexiest Walk, and Best Costume contests.

Hopefully Glamour Boutique will do more parties in the future, and girls come to enjoy themseves again!