New and Improved!

I know I've been miserable at updates on my website, and now you see why....I've been a busy bee trying to figure out how to make computers and the internet my friends.  Not easy for me at all, but I think I've finally gotten there!  

Content-wise, the overall site is similar, but I hope you find it much more aesthetically pleasing.  I'm also hoping to add many more photos over the next couple months, as well as post pictures of my studio.  The studio is still a bit of a work in progress, but is lovely as is and just lacking in some details.  Email me about coming to check it out and get the lay of the land, or come to one of my monthly open houses.  

Of course, the first event in 2013 is...First Event!  It's amazing that it's this week already.  I'll be getting there on Wednesday, and staying until Sunday morning.  Find me in the vending room during the day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, or find me in the bar afterwards!  I'm really looking forward to a wonderful weekend.  See you all there!