FE 2013

This year's First Event was hands-down the best I've been a part of.  The event ran very smoothly, not just from my perspective but by all accounts.  This was my sixth First Event, and my fourth being around for the entirety of the weekend, so it's hard for me to find something new to say.  The same parts appeal to me every year - seeing people I see very infrequently otherwise, meeting new people, and introducing some of my more closeted clients out into the broader community.  This year I encouraged a half dozen girls I knew to get themselves to First Event for at least some portion of the weekend, and at least three of them did.  I really firmly believe it's important for people to get connected in real life in some way to others in the TG community, and I'm so thankful that First Event is available for that.  

From a vending standpoint, I've never been more relaxed at my table.  I know I did just as much work as prior years, but I also know it's never gone so easily as this year.  Perhaps the work was more manageable because I simplified things this year.  More likely it was the hard work of the First Event staff that answered every request immediately and prepared the space and participants so well for the weekend.  Many thanks to Grace and Andrea in particular for the vendor coordination, and the whole of TCNE in general, for putting on such a great event year after year.