Raven Review

Raven was a blast.  There was such a great turnout both nights - easily 30-40 girls on Friday night and probably triple that on Saturday.  And I have to hand it to the Raven: they have a stellar AC system.  Fr how many people were in the building, even the dance floor was chilly to me.  I actually stepped outside a couple times to warm up a bit.  The music selection was excellent too, in my opinion, and the dance floor was pretty crowded most of Saturday night.

My only complaint for the weekend is that the red carpet photo op wrapped up too early.  I know more than one girl who raced down to try and get a pic, only to find the Cub Room empty ten minutes earlier than stated.  Having the photos wrap up at 7:30 seems early to me anyways; that's right when most people are getting ready for the night, and I'd imagine most people would want a pic with a fresh face and evening attire on, as opposed to rushing after a full day shopping in New Hope.  I have no idea the logistics behind the scenes, so take it with a grain of salt, but if the photo op is supposed to go until 7:30, I think the red carpet and backdrop should still be out at 7:20.  Don't get me wrong, though; this one thing is not going to keep me from going back to future events.  

After such a full weekend, I decided to stay in this past weekend instead of going to Triangles for 80's night.  I hope everyone had fun though!  

Looking ahead, I have a bonus Open House next Wednesday, 8/28, followed closely by Southern Comfort.  If you would like an appointment at Southern Comfort, just let me know.  I may go down with plenty of times open, but they tend to fill up quickly once I'm at the conference.