Upcoming events

August looks much busier than it has in past years for me, in part because I'm hosting two open houses instead of just one (I added one on August 28th - mark your calendars!).  Also in part because I'm heading to New Hope, PA this weekend for the Raven weekend!  Back in January I drove down for the Friday night, not realizing that Saturday is really the big event, but I was still impressed with the club itself being nicer than the typical t-friendly gay bar.  Nicer in the sense that, for one, it was very clean.  The decor is a little dated, but very well-kept and the overall feel is that it's a classier kind of bar.  The dance floor is wide open and has great lighting effects, rather than crammed in the back like an afterthought, as it is with so many small clubs in Boston and Providence.  It's also set a little apart from the actual bar, which I count as a plus.  

Next weekend is Triangles with a Back to the 80's theme.  Last year I really went all out in 80's style clothing, but this summer has been so muggy I haven't been up to following the themes.  Plus I'm really excited to actually be around for Back-to-School in September, so I may just put my energy into that outfit. 

Speaking of September, Southern Comfort is less than four weeks away!  I can't believe how time has flown.  At this time I have plenty of appointments still available, but they do fill up quickly as the month goes on, so if you're interested in a makeover while in Atlanta, make sure to contact me quickly.  Remember, I post all the events I'm attending or hosting as soon as I know about them, and it's never too early to book an appointment with me for these events.