Katie's Keystone experience

Keystone Conference 2016 in Harrisburg PA was awesome.  I went with Scarlett again after missing last year.  I had gone with her in 2014 and 2013 and we had such a blast, so it was disappointing to have to miss 2015.

On the drive down on Wednesday Scarlett and I stopped in New Jersey to see David, owner of GlamourBoutique.com.  We visited with David for about an hour, and picked up some products (by request) for people at Keystone.  We got to Harrisburg late Wednesday night but decided to meet up with friends at the hotel bar.  It had been such a long travel day but we still stayed up late laughing and catching up with friends that trickled in from far and wide throughout the evening.

Thursday we woke up early to set up Scarlett’s table in the vending room, and then I got dolled up early and spent the next three days enjoying life.  It truly gives me a different perspective on life to be able to doll up for three days straight and hang around with accepting people.  Letting my feminine side show can be a very effective antidote for a stressful life.

Those three days were a blur of working in the vending room by day, and fun activities in girl mode at night.  We took a trip to the Hollywood Casino for dinner and horse races on Thursday, and dinner at the Fire House Restaurant on Friday with RJ and Jaimie.  The Fire House Restaurant is located in a repurposed fire station, making the atmosphere very unique.  The meal did not disappoint either; everything we ordered was delicious.  

After dinner we went back to the hotel for dancing with a DJ who played many legendary disco hits. Afterwards, we made our way back to the hotel bar where we stayed up chatting much later than we should have.  Saturday night (right after I bought a tiara) there was live music that was simply amazing.  I danced until I was dizzy, and when it all closed I was still in a pink fog of sparkly shoes and perfume.  We were still chatting in the hotel lobby long after the hotel bar kicked us out; none of us wanted the weekend to end.

But it did. And now I can’t wait to go back.


Katie Lynne, author of this post