Sophia's Sorority - April 1st

There was a group of girls meeting regularly at Sophia's in the Peabody Marriott, and since I hadn't been in a few months, I decided to head up and check it out last Friday.  I haven't heard much out of the group for awhile, but thought I would take my chances.  

Many of you know that the Peabody Marriott was home to TCNE's First Event for many years.  The event moved in 2015, and I've been back to the Marriott very few times since.  Let me tell you, the transformation of the lobby and lounge area is unbelievable!  Hardwood flooring in an ashy-natural tone with more open dividers between areas gives everything a much-needed update on the look.  The bar is also longer, and in addition to the typical bar height with appropriate bar stools, one end is lower and includes regular seating.  There are also two large square seating areas for bigger groups, and many smaller, more intimate seating areas.  I cannot overemphasize the difference in atmosphere since the last time I was there.  A definite improvement from the days of hosting First Event.

I wound up seeing just two people there: one visiting from out of town, and one local girl I've never met before, but even though it was just the three of us I had a really enjoyable evening.  We each ordered a drink or two and some food, and just chatted away.  Though our out-of-town friend may not be back for quite awhile, I hope to see Jacqueline at the Spring Bling next week!