JD Coopers

Sometimes, after an Open House, a bunch of girls would pile into cars and head out to dinner.  One of my favorite haunts was JD Coopers in Putnam.  It was a decently sized restaurant, martini bar and sports bar all rolled into one place.  It was one of my favorites because there was never a wait, and the variety of food was always very tasty.  Best meal?  Chicken Piccata, by far.

I went to JD's recently only to find...it's closed for good.  I don't know the why's, or even when it closed.  But it's closed, and I'm feeling sad, like saying farewell to a friend.  All I can say is thanks for the memories!

It does appear that their website is pushing traffic to Grill 37 in nearby Pomfret, so I'll have to head over there sometime to check it out.  After all, we will need to find a new place to frequent on Open House days.  By the way, the next Open House is on April 21st.  Come, have a chat, and maybe explore the new restaurant with me.

Open House March 2015, enjoying JD Coopers.