Marlaina's Shoe Corner

Spring has finally sprung, at least it has here in the Pacific Northwest! It's time to put those clunky winter boots back in the closet and start talking about staple footwear you should have in your wardrobe this summer.

Now I know all you ladies love a heel, and really, who doesn't? They can make you feel feminine, sexy and easily dress up any outfit. But I want to talk to you about other options…some may even say more comfortable options.

Ballet flats are a fantastic option for the summer! If you don't already have 12 pair like me, then get it on that to-do list! And yes, I know I'm an enabler, just ask Scarlett, but I am obsessed with shoes. Flats are comfortable, versatile, and practical to wear all day and all night long. Dresses, skirts, pants - ballet flats will compliment them all, and with the variety of styles, patterns, and colors there is something for everyone! 

Now that I've convinced you all to increase your collections, let's chat about something super awesome happening in the world of flats! In 2013, the famous Christian Louboutin brand expanded their "Nude" collection.  Nude is typically a representation of the peaches and cream complexion, which we all know applies to only a small fraction of shoe-loving women.  Louboutin has now taken nude “from a colour to a concept”.  Now, with seven different skin-tone shades, more women can have the leg-elongating effect of nude shoes! What a huge breakthrough for fashion! Louboutin started out with the most popular heels, and now it has been announced that Louboutin is expanding the "Nudes Collection" to include ballet flats! Click here if to indulge yourself!

As excited as I am about this development, I don't personally have that kind of cash flow to purchase $600 Louboutin flats, so I'll make do at DSW to find affordable nude flats this summer. We can only hope that other designers will be soon to follow suit and bring this concept to the masses. 

I know ballet flats may not appeal to everyone, despite their comfort and practicality, so for the ladies who want to show off those summer pedicures without the heels, you should invest in some sandals! Remember, “sandals” does not mean just “flip flops”. Much like flats, sandals come in all shapes, styles and colors and can easily transition from day to night! I do recommend trying sandals on and walking around a bit, since the placement of some straps may be irritating to the skin for prolonged periods. But what goes better with a sundress than a cute pair of sandals? 

Here is my current sandal obsession: Nessa Thong Sandal from Chinese Laundry

The biggest downside to CL is that their sizes run small, and their size options are limited.  But what I love about these sandals are the colors and the scrollwork pattern, making them fun and quite dressy for a thong sandal.  Some others I love (that come in a much wider range of sizes) are the Ava Sandal and the Bachelorette Flat.  

For those of your who are just not convinced that giving up those high heels for flats is for you, there is good news in store for you this season! Block style heels are currently in trend! I know, I know, “block heel” sounds clunky and awkward, but the heel in your mind should be that of a high heeled Mary Jane!  The thicker heel is still flirty and fun, without the threat of teetering over after one drink!  Check out this t-strap platform, this lace-up gladiator sandal, and the Immortal Sandal, and then come tell me the block heel isn't as sexy as any stiletto you'll find!

But if you do feel unsteady, just remember, flats can easily hide in your purse, ready to save the night at a moment’s notice!